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Avionics Manager

Avionics Manager

Primary Responsibilities

  • Providing & maintaining adequate training, equipment, materials, and competent repairman personnel pertinent to the avionics operations of the repair station, in order that it may comply with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s).
  • Coordinating with the Chief Inspector the training needs of avionics maintenance personnel on newly introduced aircraft and recurrent training, pertaining to the type of aircraft and work to be performed.
  • Establishing liaison with aircraft owners regarding applicable FAR requirements.
  • Ensuring there are sufficient qualified avionics personnel on staff to conduct the work being performed.
  • Determining the abilities of the non-certificated employees performing avionics functions based on training, knowledge, and experience.
  • Assisting and directing leads/supervisors and other personnel in proper work procedures and practices.
  • Ensuring that all necessary maintenance entries on maintenance forms and job cards used by the repair station are properly executed and signed by the responsible avionics technicians and leads.
  • Ensuring all avionics equipment and tools are maintained in a serviceable working condition.
  • Maintaining the premises of the repair station in a clean and orderly manner to project a professional appearance to customers and visitors.
  • Ensuring that avionics personnel perform quality work at all times.
  • Ensuring that as avionics manager you continually take an active part in On-the-Job training program and that the qualifications of personnel be documented in their respective training files.
  • Maintaining the preservation, proper storage, stowage and identification of all parts and components removed from aircraft during the work process.
  • Delegating any duties to any qualified assistant as necessary; however, such delegation does not relieve the avionics manager of the overall responsibilities.
  • Ensuring all equipment; tools and materials necessary to perform the prescribed maintenance are under Propel Aviation Sales & Services LLC. Repair Station’s control when the work is being accomplished.
  • Performing all work assigned in accordance with approved maintenance procedures and correctly recording all work performed and assuming responsibility for that work. Work will include routine scheduled and unscheduled avionics tasks on customer’s aircraft.
  • Checking all test equipment and calibrated tools to ensure they are not expired prior to using. If tools are damaged or broken during use, will tag unserviceable and return to the Chief Inspector.
  • Possessing sufficient hand tools etc. to efficiently perform duties as an avionics technician.
  • Notifying Accountable Manager immediately about any conditions that would create a problem relating to parts, materials, airworthiness or workmanship.
  • Advising Accountable Manager/Chief Inspector if any dispute arises with an Inspector or Mechanic.
  • Providing technical assistance with regard to researching part numbers, supersedures etc. for customer’s requirements.
  • Promoting the goodwill and a can-do attitude with regard to all aspects of the Company and the Companies we represent.
  • Attending continuing education and training courses from time to time as required by the Company to maintain your proficiency and enhance your knowledge and productivity.
  • Assisting with completing paperwork for warranty administration on labor or parts covered by manufacturer’s warranties.
  • Accurately logging your work time to enable tracking of efficiency and billing of Customers’ work.
  • Such other duties and responsibilities as the Company may establish from time to time.
  • Consulting with leads & technicians on a daily basis about the jobs they have in progress in order to have the job positions & schedule goals on track and in mind at all times.
  • Managing and scheduling the flow of work with other company members on the company conference calls, calendars etc. in order to keep the shop full and always operating at peak efficiency. These schedules are to be stored digitally for access by customer service, the chief inspector, the shop foreman, the avionics manager, and the president.
  • Support and motivate the lead technicians and mechanics as much as possible to finish their work in a timely fashion in order maintain the schedule & optimize profitability for the company.
  • Attend and lead the daily shop progress meetings or conference calls.
  • Taking a proactive approach with all aspects of the avionics / maintenance shop in order to properly coordinate all day-to-day needs for parts, subcontracted labor, scheduling, work assignments for leads and mechanics, supplies, equipment, quoting, invoicing etc.
  • Assist and take part as needed in processing incoming calls and emails for aircraft avionics requests in order to schedule them accordingly.
  • Working with Customer Service Representatives and the Chief Inspector in order to establish proper quotes for customer inquiries for aircraft avionics.
  • Work with the chief inspector as needed in order to add avionics capabilities to the repair station.
  • Develop, grow and maintain the company’s avionics division.

Work Hours

Your work hours shall be from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with an hour off for lunch.


You may be required to travel on behalf of the Company from time to time. The Company will pay for your reasonable travel expenses while you are traveling on Company business. The employee will receive an additional $100 per night away from home.

Drug Testing

You will be required to undergo drug screening at the time of your initial employment and on a random basis at the Company’s discretion. In the event you ever test “positive” for any type of controlled substance, the Company will terminate your employment immediately.


The company offers health, dental, vision, short-term disability (STD), long-term disability (LTD), and life insurance benefits. The employer pays for 80% of the employee's health insurance and 100% of employee coverage for dental, vision, STD, & LTD. The company also provides a $25,000 life insurance policy paid by the employer.

Employees are allotted 6 sick days per year which are accrued at a half-day per month. Vacation is accrued upon completion of the first year and the vacation allotment schedule is as follows: after 1 year - 10 business days, after 5 years - 15 business days, & after 10 years - 20 business days. In addition to this, the company observes the following paid holidays per year, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, & New Year's Day.

The company also participates in a SEP (Simplified Employee Pension Plan) retirement plan. You become eligible for SEP after three years of working with the company.

Our offices are open from Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Avionics: Are you up for the challenge?

Avionics Careers

Avionics technicians are specialists who install, maintain and repair a plane’s electronic instruments, such as radio communication devices, radar systems, and navigation aids. With the advancement of digital technology technicians are required to maintain and configure complex computer systems. Are you up for the challenge?

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