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SkyWorld Avionics


Get more on the job experience at a busy avionics repair station. We are seeking to hire a technician assistant who is able to run wire; terminate connections and assist with tasks such as riveting; removing and re-installing interiors and various tasks associated with avionics installations. Ability to read wiring diagrams helpful. Wages comensurate with experience. SkyWorld Avionics is a rural, family business that values training and willing to provided on-the-job training as well as more formal training in order to reach your goals.


Avionics: Are you up for the challenge?

Avionics Careers

Avionics technicians are specialists who install, maintain and repair a plane’s electronic instruments, such as radio communication devices, radar systems, and navigation aids. With the advancement of digital technology technicians are required to maintain and configure complex computer systems. Are you up for the challenge?

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