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“The AEA convention keeps us in touch with our customers and other members in the aviation industry. It also provides valuable resources to help us address a variety of aviation issues such as regulations, product applications, maintenance, certification, management, etc.”

Nathan Sugimoto, President, KGS Electronics

Universal Avionics

Rockwell Collins

AEA Future Conventions

Dates & Locations

2010 April 7-10 Orlando, Fla.
2011 March 22-25 Reno, Nev.
2012 April 3-6 Washington, D.C.
2013 March 25-28 Las Vegas, Nev.
2014 March 12-15 Nashville, Tenn.
2015 April 8-11 Dallas, Tex.
2016 April 27-30 Orlando, Fla.

* Every attempt not to deviate from the above dates will be made; however, the AEA reserves the right to make changes when necessary without notice.