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Booth 621

800 Independence Ave. SW
Washington, D.C.  20591


Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast brings the precision and reliability of satellite-based surveillance to track aircraft and provide a new level of safety and efficiency. Visit the FAA’s Equip ADS-B booth for ADS-B equipage guidance, information on ADS-B airspace requirements, performance validation of installed ADS-B equipment, and more.

Booth 700

100-8080 Tristar Drive
Irving, TX  75063

Flight Data Systems, based in Irving, Texas, seeks to drive operational efficiencies in aviation using its portfolio of data acquisition, data recording, data storage, and data analysis tools. Flight Data Systems aims to become one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end flight data solutions within the aviation segment. For more information, visit flightdata.aero.

Booth 622

98 Vickerman St.
Nelson  New Zealand

Flightcell is a leader in the global aviation communications systems and hardware industry, leveraging strong strategic relationships with aircraft manufacturers and industry partners. Flightcell’s trusted products are highly configurable for operational requirements, with focus on providing solutions to rotorcraft and turboprop fixed-wing aircraft that specialize in aerial firefighting, air medical, search and rescue, law enforcement and military.

Booth 700

8080 Tristar
Suite 100
Irving, TX  75063

Founded in 2001, Texas-based FreeFlight Systems pioneered the first certified aviation WAAS/GPS receiver and the first rule-compliant UAT ADS-B system. FreeFlight Systems is now a global aerospace leader, specializing in SBAS/GNSS sensors, data link, radar altimeters, flight management systems and other NextGen aerospace avionics. For more information, visit freeflightsystems.com.


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