New Product Introductions

Monday, March 28

9 a.m.New Orleans Theater (2nd floor)

New products to be announced at AEA New Orleans

Exciting new products from AEA member companies

The New Product Introductions session is one of the most popular events every year during the convention and has evolved into a must-see showcase for members and the media. Avionics manufacturers know the key to a successful product launch means bringing their products to the AEA Convention & Trade Show.

In addition, the opening session and New Product Introductions will be livestreamed by Aero-News Network at as part of its convention coverage.

The Place to Be

AEA's New Product Introductions Become a Can't-Miss Event for Avionics Professionals

The morning of March 28, 2022 – save the date if you are a serious avionics professional. The place to be is at the AEA New Product Introductions session during the AEA International Convention & Trade Show.

The New Product Introductions always is one of the most popular sessions at this annual event, but it has quickly evolved into a must-see, cornerstone showcase in recent years. The event is now the primary launching pad for companies to unveil the latest and greatest in new avionics products and services coming to market for the current year, and more and more industry leaders are taking notice.

So what will be the most-exciting new product announced in 2022? The general aviation industry must patiently wait until March 28 to answer this question. But one thing is certain in advance – what happens at AEA won't remain a secret when it comes to the international focus and attention placed on these fast-paced, high-tech announcements. That’s because the New Product Introductions session continues to see annual growth in on-site attendance by AEA members, and the international coverage of the event by the aviation media is at an all-time high. Simply put, the general aviation industry looks forward with greater anticipation each spring to discover, face-to-face, what’s new for all things avionics.

“Basically, it’s where all the cool stuff happens,” said Jim Campbell, CEO/editor-in-chief for the Aero-News Network. “The avionics industry has been described as the most innovative in all of aviation. If you look at the development of GPS, the glass panel, airborne comm and data, synthetic vision and new generations of power systems, you’d be hard-pressed to disagree.

“It is innovative industries like those represented by the AEA that not only show us that aviation can have a bright and innovative future, but it becomes apparent that the rest of the aviation community can learn much from the ingenuity and foresight we see at each annual AEA event. If you want to see the future of aviation, you need to start with the annual AEA Convention & Trade Show.”

With interest continuing to grow in the New Product Introductions session, this year’s event expects to be no different. After all, it is the only wholesale avionics show representing nearly 90 percent of the international government-certified avionics shops. It provides a unique opportunity for manufacturers, distributors, technicians and business leaders to shape the future of avionics together. The owners and managers of the avionics shops are always anxious to follow up with the select group of companies bringing new products to market. They are ready to help them sell to the end users, so it’s no wonder why companies incorporate the AEA Convention into their strategic marketing plan.

In fact, the companies that have launched new products not only receive the big “attention splash” during the AEA Convention, but the news they make is shared continuously through different platforms throughout the year.

For evidence, industry professionals may look no further than the AEA YouTube channel at After the New Product Introductions session is broadcast live in high-definition across the Internet, the Aero-News Network breaks down each individual presentation into short features for easy access, viewing, embedding and other uses. This affords marketing officials at each of the companies introducing new products the opportunity to utilize the YouTube clips on the AEA YouTube channel for their own promotional purposes, courtesy of the AEA and ANN.

Once again in 2022, ANN plans to continue its coverage of the new products introduced into the AEA Exhibit Hall with live interviews and follow-up news from the major announcements made. Again, this comprehensive coverage will be archived and available in smaller segments on the AEA YouTube channel after the event.

“For ANN, the AEA Convention & Trade Show coverage has resulted in more than 75 hours of original programming during the last several years, nearly 30 of it live,” Campbell said. “It also produced more than 100 individual programs that have served the needs of our community every day since the events took place.”

Judging by the growing interest from the aviation media and AEA members in the AEA New Product Introductions, industry officials are sending a clear signal they understand the importance of keeping up-to-date on the latest products and industry trends in a fast-moving industry. The event provides its attendees with the chance to participate in new product demonstrations, meet existing suppliers, compare new products and services, and build relationships to help the avionics industry thrive and prosper.