NAV/COMM Equipment Service Training

This course is designed for technicians who have experience with basic avionics installation practice and are looking for experience in Avionics Flight line testing, LRU bench testing and Aircraft trouble shooting. VOR, Localizer, Glideslope, Marker Beacon and VHF Comms will be the focus of study.

Presented by: Don Dominguez of Radioman Avionics

Navigation/Communication Equipment Service

  • VHF comm theory and operation.
  • VHF nav VOR/LOC/GS theory and operation.
  • Marker receiver theory and operation.
  • Comm installation architecture.
  • Comm, antenna and transmission lead troubleshooting.
  • Nav installation architecture.
  • Nav, antenna, co-ax, splitters and combiners troubleshooting.
  • Nav and comm bench-testing standards.
  • Nav and comm equipment return to service.

Nicholas W.

Worth the time & the money! Must attend!

Manuel V.

This course is very resourceful to people from all walks of life.

Jake J.

Great class to obtain the knowledge to understand and troubleshoot NAV/COMM issues.

Cornelius O.

AEA Nav/Comm training is truly effective and tech can us skills learned immediately.

Colton E.

Good way to learn the base theory/foundations behind NAV/COMMS

Ranjheit F.

Very informative and great class to introduce the NAV/Comm concepts

Mari B.

Excellent course, Good review of basics, and specifics on systems

James H.

Good class must attend

Tom J.

Useful info well presented.

Julia A.

Great theory & troubleshooting education.

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