FAA Charters Part 23 Rulemaking Committee; AEA to Participate

The Federal Aviation Administration is establishing a Part 23 aviation rulemaking committee (ARC) to set the tone for the certification of the next generation of general aviation aircraft as well as the certification and installation of future avionics systems.

“With the advent of new generation aircraft and avionics, it is time for Part 23 rules to reflect new certification processes,” explained Paula Derks, AEA president. “We commend the FAA for initiating this re-write to examine the simplification and possible lower-costs of manufacturing and certification.”

The committee will be tasked with advising and providing recommendations to the Manager of the Small Airplane Directorate on two of the recommendations from the 2008 Certification Process Review (CPR).  The CPR recommendations include reorganizing Part 23 based on airplane performance and complexity verses the existing weight and propulsion divisions.  The recommendations also include reviewing the certification requirements for upgrading to a broad, general and progressive level rather than the tradition prescriptive approach currently used.

The AEA participated on the CPR team and looks forward to participating on the Part 23 rulemaking committee.