AEA Plays Host to Avionics Product Certification Workshop, June 25-26

In cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration, the Aircraft Electronics Association is currently hosting a two-day workshop predicated on a discussion for a “case for safety” for general aviation aircraft retrofit avionics. The workshop takes place June 25-26 in the Dan Derby Center for Professional Development at the AEA’s international headquarters in Lee’s Summit, Mo.

Some of the important discussion topics for the workshop include:

  • Breaking the cost barrier to avionics certification.
  • Validation procedures for approved model lists under the bilateral aviation safety agreements between the U.S. and Europe, as well as Canada.
  • Alternate means of compliance to 23.1309.
  • Where are the true hidden costs of certification/MOC for avionics (EFIS, ADS-B, etc.)?
  • What role production approval plays in the cost equation, and how Part 21 production (PMA) can be scaled for GA retrofit.
  • The role industry standards can play in setting acceptable global standards, and alleviating legal liability for authorities who allow industry to use them for aviation products.
  • Situation for retrofit avionics, from light GA to adding utility to the older commuter aircraft.
  • Scalability of MOC for HIRF, lightning, software to reduce cost/complexity of avionics certification.

The workshop begins several days of professional development programs taking place at the AEA’s headquarters this week. On June 27, the AEA will host the association’s Safety Management System (SMS) Coordinator Training. This half-day training course will be immediately followed by a two-day course on U.S. Maintenance Regulations for Certified Repair Stations, June 27-28.

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