AEA Technology Incubator set for Aug. 28

Demystifying the FAA for entrepreneurs

Are you an inventor always coming up with something new; the vendor marketing the next great invention; the customer who designed a solution but doesn’t know the next step?

For years, the AEA has helped startup manufacturers navigate the complex world of aviation regulations through on-demand, one-off requests. As these requests have grown in frequency, the AEA has strategically developed a structured forum to offer greater assistance to these startup companies. To achieve the goals of the AEA Technology Incubator, the association has organized a one-day event scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 28, at its international headquarters in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

To attend this forum, the manufacturer must not hold an FAA production approval; however, it may hold a NORSEE approval. This is a forum for startup companies or new entrants into the certified aircraft industry. This is not a forum for established manufacturers.

The AEA Technology Incubator is designed to demystify the path forward to producing parts for certified aircraft with a focus on producing these parts under the FAA oversight. The best and most successful way to demystify anything in aviation is to open the path for communication. The AEA Technology Incubator will include presentations and discussions focused on understanding the FAA regulatory structure, as well as the Part 23 and production regulations, guidance and policies. In addition, the AEA Technology Incubator will offer ample opportunity to interact with the association staff, FAA personnel and other attendees.

The goals of the AEA Technology Incubator are simple and straightforward:

  • Encourage new technologies.
  • Encourage the promotion of safety-enhancing technologies.
  • Facilitate and encourage the communications between new aviation entrants and the FAA.

Due to space limitations, attending companies are limited to two participants. Applications are being accepted online at