CASA Publishes Part 66 Type Rating List

SUMMARY: The transition to the new Part 66 license has not progressed as smoothly as promised by CASA. One of the critical issues has been for the current license holder to assure that they do not lose authority during the transition. When making this transition from NAA to EASA in Europe, the transition often has taken as many as six-to-eight corrections to the license.

One of the missing elements during this process has been a concise list of required type ratings. CASA has now published Advisory Circular (AC) 66-2(0): List of Aircraft Type Ratings for CASR Part 66 licenses. It provides guidance and information to personnel who seek or have a CASR Part 66 aircraft engineers license approved maintenance organization (AMO) who employ CASR Part 66 license holders.

This AC specifies by table the following:

  • Table 1 - Large aeroplanes or aeroplanes designated as large requiring type training and individual type rating.

  • Table 2 - Aircraft for which an AMO may select/control type training (theory and practical) for AMO authorization (six months) for subsequent CASA issue of individual type rating. Note: These aircraft were previously covered by CASA Civil Aviation Regulation 1988 (CAR) 31 lower group ratings or are considered eligible for AMO selected manufacturer training.

  • Table 3 - Aircraft excluded from CASR Part 66 type rating and therefore eligible to have the powerplant systems maintained by a B1.1 category holder with the small/non-rated aircraft (engine) rating or a B2 category holder. Note: This rating has no applicability to Category B2 and Category C, however, Category B1.1 requires this rating to perform maintenance certifications for the powerplant systems of this aircraft.

  • Table 4 - Multi-engine helicopters (turbine-powered), requiring type training and individual type rating and turbines that can be fitted to those helicopters.

  • Table 5 - B1.3 and B2 aircraft type ratings for helicopters – single turbine engine requiring type training and individual type ratings.

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