NPA seeks to lessen EASA involvement in Part 21 certifications

The NPA 2015-03 was recently issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency and is open for comments. The document can be found here.

The NPA proposes an amendment of EU 748/2012 Annex I -- Part 21, and is aimed to ensure a full compliance with Part 21 with the framework of safety management provisions of ICAO Annex 19 in the field of design and manufacturing (production). Closely linked with the above objective is the objective of implementation of performance-based oversight in product certification. This would require a risk-based approach setting standards for the determination of the level of involvement of the agency when it verifies the applicant's demonstration of compliance of the product with the applicable type certification basis. This would aim to:

  • Improve effectiveness and reduce, where possible, the involvement of the EASA when verifying compliance demonstration in the certification process.
  • Reduce cost to maintain the Part 21 organisation approval.
  • Systematic risk management.
  • Safety-performance-based oversight focusing on areas of greater risk.

This NPA will be supplemented by other NPAs that will follow to propose the introduction of a safety management system into the design and manufacturing processes. Comments to this NPA should be received no later than June 2, 2015.
The involvement of stakeholders at this stage of the rulemaking process is an important opportunity for AEA members to ensure their voice is heard. Association members are encouraged to provide suggestions and/or comments to the agency via the EASA Comment Response Tool; email them to Ric Peri at as soon as possible (prior to comment closing date).

Contact Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government and industry affairs, by email at or by phone at 202-589-1144.