Regulatory Update for AEA Members in Australia

CASA responds to AEA concerns over ADS-B mandate
The AEA recently issued a letter to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority that expressed concerns from Australian AEA members regarding rumors of a potential extension of the ADS-B mandate. While some issues may be no more than rumors, they can sometimes turn into fact due to complacency. The letter from the AEA asked the CASA for a response to these rumors. In short, the CASA response to these concerns reconfirmed the fact that the CASA has no plans to extend the ADS-B mandate beyond 2017. To read the official CASA response to the AEA authored by Carolyn Hutton, branch manager, click here.

Part 66 Manual of Standards Amendment Instrument 2015 (No. 1)
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority published Part 66 Manual of Standards Amendment Instrument 2015 (No. 1) that went into effect June 27. This instrument follows consultation via CD 1517MS -- Extension of CASA basic examinations until June 2019 -- Proposed Part 66 MOS Amendment. A copy of the instrument is available at

AC 21-45 v2.2 - Airworthiness Approval of Airborne ADS-B Equipment
The CASA published version 2.2 of AC 21-45 -- Airworthiness Approval of Airborne ADS-B Equipment. This AC is intended to define the airborne component of the 1090 MHz extended squitter ADS-B data link used in Australia, and provide guidance and advice for the airworthiness approval for the installation of the aircraft equipment proposed to support that use.

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