CASA requests comments on the application of CASR Parts 42 and 145 to large rotorcraft

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has published NPRM 1415SS -- Application of Parts 42 and 145 of CASR to large/transport category rotorcraft used in charter operations for public consultation.

This NPRM proposes amendment to Parts 42 and 145 of Civil Aviation Safety Regulation 1998.

The CASA is proposing to extend the application of Parts 42 and 145 of CASR to the following class of rotorcraft (described as large/transport category rotorcraft in this NPRM) that are used in charter operation in accordance with paragraph 206 (1) (b) of CAR:

  • Rotorcraft having a certificate of airworthiness in the transport category.
  • Rotorcraft having a MTOW greater than 3,175 kilograms.
  • Rotorcraft type certified to carry more than nine passengers.

According to the CASA NPRM, the increased use of large/transport category rotorcraft in transporting personnel and cargo to and from offshore oil rigs is a primary driver in presenting this proposal for consideration in advance of Part 133 of CASR being made. The Piper Alpha disaster and the multiple North Sea helicopter fatalities, as covered by reports and inquiries referenced in this NPRM, have driven the need for safety outcome-based and proactive regulation to effectively deal with the elevated risk associated with these rotorcraft operations.

The act places the highest obligations for aircraft airworthiness and operations on the holder of an air operator's certificate with incumbent responsibilities to manage airworthiness. The management of the risk for these operations would be provided by a systematic framework for airworthiness management set by Part 42 of CASR and controlled by the registered operator who best understands the risks.

The CASA seeks to amend existing Parts 42 and 145 of CASR to facilitate application of these Parts to large/transport category rotorcraft.

Comments close 11 November 2015. View this NPRM on the CASA website at

Following preliminary review of this proposal, the Aircraft Electronics Association concurs with the CASA and supports its proposal. Should any of the membership find reason to disagree with this proposal, please forward your concerns to Ric Peri (email below) or plan on discussing this proposal at the AEA South Pacific Regional Meeting.

Contact Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government and industry affairs, by email at or by phone at 202-589-1144.