FAA Publishes ADS-B Guidance

The Federal Aviation Administration has published revision B to AC 20-165B, which provides guidance for the installation and airworthiness approval of Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Out systems in aircraft. 

The revision to AC 20-165 contains a number of significant changes.

First, the AC has now sunset the criteria that ADS-B Out transmitters and position source be automatically treated as a major alteration. The AC does still require the initial approvals, but within specific limitation allows ADS-B Out installations to be treated as "normal" avionics. As such, the evaluation of major/minor is normal.

Second, the AC highlights the follow-on installation criteria of a previously approved system.

Third, the AC contains the criterion for reuse of flight test data for follow-on installations of approved systems.

The Aircraft Electronics Association is pleased that the FAA has so aggressively sunset the special provision for ADS-B Out and encourages the membership to thoroughly read AC 20-165B. 

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