AEA and more than 100 GA Groups say ‘No’ to ATC Privatization

During a short two-week time frame in early July, the list of general aviation groups united in opposition to H.R. 2997, which includes the Aircraft Electronics Association, has grown from 36 to 117 organizations. The proposed bill in the U.S. House of Representatives seeks to privatize the nation’s air traffic control system.

Click here to read the GA groups’ letter about H.R. 2997 in its entirety.

U.S. congressional leaders in both the House and Senate recently proposed and debated several items as part of the discussions on future funding of the Federal Aviation Administration. The current funding expires in September of this year. Both the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee passed different versions of FAA reauthorization. 

The House bill, H.R. 2997, the 21st Century AIRR Act, was passed by the committee on June 27, and it includes a proposal to privatize air traffic control in the U.S. The Senate version of the bill, S. 1405, the FAA Act of 2017, made its way through the committee two days later on June 29, but it does not include ATC privatization language. 

The AEA supports efforts to develop a long-term FAA reauthorization that creates predictable and stable funding for the FAA, including biennial budgeting, consolidating unneeded and outdated facilities, procurement, and certification reforms, and putting to use some of the balance from the Airways and Airport Trust Fund to expedite technology deployment.

It is imperative that congressional leaders recognize the difference between modernization and privatization. The proposed plan to privatize ATC could delay progress to update and modernize the nation's air traffic control system – including meeting the FAA's mandate to equip the general aviation fleet with see-and-avoid (ADS-B) technology by Jan. 1, 2020.

Both the House and Senate are expected to vote on their respective bills within a matter of days, particularly with the FAA’s current funding set to expire in September. The AEA is opposed to H.R. 2997 and encourages its members to share views and comments with elected officials today. A toll-free action line – 855-265-9002 – has been established to connect the GA community with elected officials.

Here is the growing list of GA groups opposed to H.R. 2997 and the proposed plan to privatize ATC in the U.S. as of July 14.

ABS Air Safety Foundation
Academy of Model Aeronautics
Addison (TX) Business Aviation Association
Air Care Alliance
Aircraft Electronics Association
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Alabama Business Aviation Association
Alaska Airmen Association
Antique Airplane Association
Arizona Business Aviation Association
Arizona Pilots Association
Association of Air Medical Services
Association of California Airports
Aviation Council of Pennsylvania
Balloon Federation of America
California Pilots Association
Cardinal Flyers Online
Carolina Aviation Professionals Association
Centennial Airport (CO) Business Pilot’s Alliance
Cessna Flyer Association
Cessna Pilots Association
Cessna Pilots Society
Chicago Area (IL) Business Aviation Association
Citation Jet Pilot Association
Clark County Aviation Association
Classic Jet Aircraft Association
Colorado Aviation Business Association
Colorado Pilots Association
Commemorative Air Force
Connecticut Business Aviation Group
Eastern Region Helicopter Council
Emergency Volunteer Air Corps
Experimental Aircraft Association
Flight School Association of North America
Florida Aviation Business Association
Flying Dentists Association
Friends of Meacham International Airport (TX) Association
General Aviation Council of Hawaii
General Aviation Manufacturers Association
Georgia Business Aviation Association
Glasair Aircraft Owners Association
Greater Houston (TX) Business Aviation Alliance
Greater St Louis (MO) Business Aviation Association
Greater Waco (TX) Aviation Alliance
Greater Washington Business Aviation Association (DC/VA/MD)
Helicopter Association International
Houston (TX) Regional Aviation Professionals
Idaho Aviation Association
Idaho Business Aviation Association
Illinois Pilots Association
International Aerobatic Club
International Council of Air Shows
Kansas City (MO) Business Aviation Association
Kansas Pilots
Kentucky Aviation Association
Lancair Owners and Builders Organization
Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association
Long Beach (CA) Airport Association
Long Island (NY) Business Aviation Association
Love Field (TX) Pilots Association
Maine Aeronautics Association
Massachusetts Airport Management Association
Massachusetts Business Aviation Association
Minnesota Business Aviation Association
Minnesota Pilots Association
Minnesota Seaplane Association
Montana Pilots Association
Mooney Summit
Morristown (NJ) Aviation Association
MU2 Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association
National Agricultural Aviation Association
National Air Transportation Association
National Association of State Aviation Officials
National Business Aviation Association
Nebraska Business Aviation Association
Nevada Business Aviation Association
New England Helicopter Council
New Mexico Pilots Association
North Dakota Aviation Council
North Dakota Business Aviation Association
North Texas Business Aviation Association
Ohio Regional Business Aviation Association
Oklahoma Business Aviation Association
Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association
Partnership for Corporate Aviation Training (TX)
Piper Flyer Association
Recreational Aviation Foundation
San Antonio (TX) Area Business Aviation Alliance
Seaplane Pilots Association
Soaring Society of America
Sonix Builders & Pilots Foundation
South Dakota Pilots Association
Southern California Aviation Association
Southern Colorado Business Aviation Group
South Florida Business Aviation Association
Tampa Bay (FL) Aviation Association
Taylorcraft Owners Club
Tennessee Aviation Association
Tennessee Business Aviation Association
Teterboro (NJ) Users Group
Texans for General Aviation
Texas Corporate Aviation Schedulers and Dispatchers Group
The Twin Cessna Flyer
United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association
United States Parachute Association
United States Paragliding Association
Utah Business Aviation Association
Van Nuys (CA) Airport Association
Velocity Owners and Builders Association
Veterans Airlift Command
Vintage Aircraft Association
Virginia Business Aviation Association
Warbirds of America
Washington Pilots Association
Westchester (NY) Aviation Association
Wichita (KS) Aero Club
Wisconsin Business Aviation Association