Totality Awesome -- AEA Students Experience Solar Eclipse!

Monday, August 21, 2017, was just another day at AEA international headquarters in Lee's Summit, Missouri, just outside of Kansas City. What started as a cloudy, rainy morning gave way to perfect weather for viewing a solar eclipse at precisely 1:08 p.m. CDT, making it “totality awesome.”

Students attending the first day of the AEA’s Avionics Installation and Integration Training Course were treated to a free solar eclipse as part of their classroom experience. This sold-out class began three days of instruction as the moon’s shadow raced across the Show-Me State at 1,900 miles per hour. It was the first time since Aug. 7, 1869, or more than 148 years, since a total solar eclipse cast a shadow on the state of Missouri.

Oh yes, about the class. You can learn more about the Avionics Installation and Integration Training Course at Please note that future classes do not include a free solar eclipse -- this was a one-time offer.