AEA and AEROTEAM Training Solutions to collaborate on training

LEE'S SUMMIT, MISSOURI, Aug. 17, 2022 -- The Aircraft Electronics Association is collaborating with one of its members, AEROTEAM Training Solutions, to further promote safety by making high-quality training available to the global aviation community.

AEROTEAM Training Solutions was founded in 2004 and offers training to fill the gap between competence and performance. Its courses enhance the non-technical skills of maintenance, flight crew and cabin crew, and provide employees with a better tool to solve complicated and/or dangerous tasks in a safe and efficient way.

AEROTEAM Training SolutionsLocated in Billund, Denmark, AEROTEAM Training Solutions is an EASA part-147 approved training organization, and uses a variety of technologies and approaches, including classroom instruction, online and computer-based training and in-house-developed learning games, to ensure training is fun, efficient and, most importantly, sticks with participants long after the program ends.

Whether it’s delivered through in-house-developed learning tools, a traditional classroom setting or online and computer-based programs, AEROTEAM Training Solutions offers a mix of technical courses as well as crew resource management, human factors, EWIS and safety and emergency training. For example, aircraft mechanics can learn about the design and operation of Gulfstream, Challenger and Pilatus PC-12 systems, while flight and cabin crews can learn how to solve complicated, urgent and dangerous tasks in a safe and efficient way. Operational staff also can learn a variety of skills pertaining to safety management, flight planning and handling dangerous goods. AEROTEAM Training Solutions’ website includes the entire list as well as courses currently in development.

Beyond its established courses, AEROTEAM Training Solutions works with airlines, air traffic organizations and other civil and military aviation communities to create custom training that’s tailored to the organization’s operational needs and goals and fosters continuous improvement. The organization's thorough knowledge of European Union Aviation Safety Agency regulations allows it to consult on regulations and acceptable means of compliance and guidance materials for MROs, aircrews, air operations and continuing airworthiness.

AEROTEAM Training Solutions’ human factors game – MAYDAY Human Factors Training – highlights the Dirty Dozen, the 12 most-common maintenance-related causes of error and their impact on an organization and its staff.

“MAYDAY Human Factors Training is a dynamic learning concept where your decisions affect the outcome of the game,” said Søren Agner, a former Scandinavian Airlines pilot who founded AEROTEAM in 2004.Through this collaboration, AEA member companies may have the opportunity to have on-site Human Factors Training, and AEROTEAM Training Solutions will have instructors based in the United States to conduct the courses. Drawing on the latest research into human factors, AEROTEAM Training Solutions’ instructors work hard to address real-world issues that affect safety, turntimes, customer costs and company profits. In general, the collaboration is designed to make the efficient, high-quality and safety-promoting training the AEA is known for more accessible to the global community.

"The MAYDAY Human Factors Training tool from AEROTEAM Training Solutions offers a wide range of collaborative possibilities and can be incorporated into current courses offered at AEA headquarters," said AEA President and CEO Mike Adamson. "In addition, the AEA has the opportunity to develop a new Human Factors Training course for members and non-members using this tool, with AEA members being offered another member benefit through discounted pricing."

AEROTEAM Training Solutions joined The SA Group, also based in Billund, Denmark, in 2019. The SA Group provides turnkey solutions, including avionics design and engineering, certifications, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance, for the international aviation and defense communities.

For more information about AEROTEAM Training Solutions, visit or read the AEA member profile published in the April 2022 edition of Avionics News.


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