Call for Participation: Investigative Technologies Aviation Rulemaking Committee

The Federal Aviation Administration has established the Investigative Technologies Aviation Rulemaking Committee, and the Aircraft Electronics Association has been asked to participate. The ARC will provide a forum for the United States aviation community to discuss, prioritize, and provide recommendations to the FAA concerning requirements on the installation of existing, new, and upgraded investigative technologies that affect applicable airworthiness standards and operating rules. Those investigative technologies include the following:

  • Cockpit voice recorders.
  • Flight data recorders.
  • Underwater locator device.
  • Cockpit image recorders.
  • Data link recorders.
  • Automatic deployable flight recorders.
  • Automatic distress tracking system.
  • Global aeronautical distress and safety system.

The AEA is asking for your assistance. Please answer the following questions:

  • Do you manufacture any of these technologies?  
  • If you manufacture any of these technologies, would you be willing to participate in the ARC working group?  
  • If you are willing to participate, please send the contact information for the individual who will represent your company, should there be an opportunity.

Please send your answers to Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government and industry affairs, by email at

Contact Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government and industry affairs, by email at or by phone at 202-589-1144.