Bring Your Customer Day

Saturday, March 15
Morning General Session - ADS-B & NextGen
Exhibit Hall

In response to the many requests we’ve received over the years from the dealer network and manufacturers to allow end-users/customers into the exhibit hall,  the AEA board of directors has discussed and approved a trial run of allowing dealers’ customers the opportunity to visit the exhibit hall on the last day of exhibits – Saturday, March 15.  This will be allowed under very strict guidelines.

As you know, it can be very helpful to have the manufacturer work with the dealer in closing the sale on a new installation.

To adequately prepare for these “customer” attendees, the following guidelines MUST be followed:

  1. Each customer MUST be invited by and accompanied throughout the exhibit hall by a registered repair station representative.  They will not be allowed to visit the exhibit hall on their own.
  2. Manufacturers may only invite a customer attendee through the AEA dealer network.
  3. Attendance can ONLY be on Saturday, March 15.
  4. All customers must be registered either in advance or on‑site.  Their registration fee will be $50 per person.  This fee includes both the exhibit hall and the Saturday morning general session -  ADS-B and NextGen / 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.


Please note that the “customer” attendees will not be allowed into any of the technical workshops on Saturday.  Those are designed exclusively for the repair station attendees. These customers will be easily recognized with different color badge inserts and lanyards.

Bring Your Customer Contact

Debra McFarland Debra McFarland,
Executive Vice President
Phone: 816-347-8400