2012 AEA Regional Meetings Begin in Germany

The first of seven AEA Regional Meetings scheduled for 2012 is underway in Frankfurt, Germany, April 23-25, at the Le Meridien Parkhotel.

The 26th annual AEA Europe Regional Meeting began Monday with a European regulatory update by Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government and industry affairs, and Franz Redak, AEA Europe consultant. The AEA participates in many key industry working groups in Europe to bring members the latest in regulatory developments that could have an impact on business. This session included three critical rulemaking discussions:

  1. An update on the rulemaking activity creating an avionics license for general aviation maintenance operations. After three years of work, the proposal is in the queue for release as an NPA later this year. This B2L license proposes to allow progressive, system-based return to service authority that is more appropriate to general aviation aircraft maintenance.
  2. Since the inception of EASA, the avionics industry has been plagued by the type training requirement for legacy aircraft.  Through the efforts of the AEA, EASA has opened a rulemaking activity to investigate alternatives to the Part 147 required training for these aircraft. This discussion will be the basis of the report given to EASA in May.
  3. The AEA has been asked to review AMC & GM for PART 21; Subpart D – Changes to type-certificates; GM 21A.91, Classification of changes to a type design for consistency with regards to modern avionics. From input through various round-table discussions, the criterion in GM 21A.91 may be overly restrictive, causing inconsistency in regional interpretation as well as causing unnecessarily strict approvals. This important discussion will result in a recommendation given to EASA in May.

The first day also included an AEA member forum with EASA-certified repair station personnel, avionics manufacturers, distributors and engineers; the AEA annual European Luncheon; OEM product information sessions and technical training seminars; and an exhibit hall complete with the latest avionics and instruments products and services.

On Tuesday, April 24, attendees received training from Garmin and Avidyne representatives. The three-day event concludes Wednesday, April 25, with a Fast Trak Training Course on U.S. regulations for foreign repair stations in Europe, moderated by Peri. This program reviews the regulations applicable to a U.S.-certificated foreign repair station engaged in maintenance, preventive maintenance and alterations of U.S.-registered aircraft, components or accessories. This training program reviews 14 CFR Parts 145 and how various other regulatory parts interface with Part 145.

Companies exhibiting at the AEA Europe Regional Meeting include: Adams Aviation Supply Co.; Aeroflex; Aerospace Optics Inc.; Aircell; Aspen Avionics; Avidyne Corp.; Avionics Specialists Inc.; EDMO Distributors; Garmin; Guardian Avionics; L-3 Avionics Systems; Laversab; Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics; Revue Thommen; Satcom1; Thrane & Thrane; Trig Avionics Ltd.; and Universal Avionics Systems.

The next regional is the second annual AEA Latin America Regional Meeting, Aug. 13-14, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For more information on the AEA Regional Meetings, visit www.aea.net/regional.