Two Training Courses at AEA Headquarters in January

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The Aircraft Electronics Association is offering two educational courses to begin the New Year in the Dan Derby Center for Professional Development at its international headquarters in Lee's Summit, Mo.


Register NowPitot-Static & Transponder
Certification Training

January 24, 2013
Presented by Don Dominguez of Radioman Avionics  

Course Objective:
Attendees will learn the proper methods for conducting pitot-static and transponder certification testing. This full-day course offers hands-on training, including a regulatory review and an explanation of the proper administrative procedures for completing these critical certifications. It also includes a transponder tune-up course. The contents of this course can be incorporated easily into approved training programs for certified repair stations.

Course Goals:

  • Regulatory Review: 91.411 and 91.413; FAR 43, Appendix E and F; FAR 43.9, "Content Form and Disposition of Maintenance and Alterations Records Review."
  • Technical Review: Step-by-step pitot-static and transponder inspection training from setup to final documentation; time-saving tips for conducting testing in a logical order; Appendix E and F, "Management Training."
  • Hands-On Transponder Training: Alignment, troubleshooting procedures and common maintenance practices for ARC, Collins, Garmin, King and Narco models.
  • Course Materials: Step-by-step procedures, sample checkout forms and FAR reference materials; standard practices; and tips and tricks from experienced industry technicians. 

Register NowRVSM Maintenance & Advanced
Transponder Training

January 25, 2013
Presented by Don Dominguez of Radioman Avionics 

Course Objective:  
Attendees will be introduced to the regulations, documentation, test equipment and maintenance practices associated with performing RVSM maintenance and will follow with an in-depth look at Mode S transponders. This course assumes the attendee has good operating knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations 91.411 and 91.413. 
Course Goals:

  • Regulatory Review: FAR 91.706., Part 91 Appendix G.
  • RVSM maintenance document review.
  • Test equipment needed for RVSM.
  • Maintenance practices for RVSM.
  • Performing RVSM conformity inspection.
  • Determination of aircraft compliance.
  • Documentation and return to service.
  • Mode S Transponder theory, operation and troubleshooting.
  • Course materials include step-by-step procedures, sample forms, FAR reference materials, standard practices, and tips and tricks from experienced industry technicians.