EASA publishes NPA on CS-STAN

The European Aviation Safety Agency has published its proposed regular update of the certification specifications for standard changes & standard repairs (CS-STAN) -- Issue 3. (NPA 2018-10)

Items of particular interest to the AEA membership include:

  • CS-SC002c - Installation of Mode S elementary surveillance equipment (amended). This SC has been amended to clearly allow for the individual installation of an altitude encoder. Additionally, the purpose of this SC has been expanded to further clarify that the installation of traffic awareness beacon system (TABS) equipment by means of this SC is not sufficient to permit the pilot to fly into transponder mandatory zones (TMZs).
  • CS-SC003c - Installation of audio selector panels and amplifiers (amended).
  • CS-SC005a - Installation of an ADS-B Out system compliant with AMC 20-24 (new).
  • CS-SC006a - Installation or activation of an ADS-B system for airborne awareness (new).
  • CS-SC034b - Exchange of an existing battery for a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system (amended).
  • CS-SC037a - Exchange of a main aircraft battery (new).
  • CS-SC038a - Installation of DC to DC converters (new).
  • CS-SC051c - Installation of 'FLARM' equipment (amended).
  • CS-SC052c - Installation of GNSS equipment (amended).
  • CS-SC058b - Installation of traffic awareness beacon system (TABS) equipment (amended).
  • CS-SC105a - Installation of mounting systems to hold equipment (new).
  • CS-SC106a - Installation of flight time recorders (new).
  • CS-SC107a - Installation of carbon monoxide detectors (new).
  • CS-SC201b - Exchange of powerplant instruments (amended).
  • CS-SC401c - Exchange of basic flight instruments (amended).

Comments must be received on or before 11 December, 2018.

Repair stations are encouraged to review the Notice of Proposed Amendment for complete information. The AEA encourages you to review these changes and submit comments. The CS-STAN will be covered in full during the regulatory program at the upcoming AEA Connect Conference scheduled for 22-23 January in Cologne. You are encouraged to register and attend.

Contact Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government and industry affairs, by email at ricp@aea.net or by phone at 202-589-1144.