AET certification and endorsement exams available for FREE at AEA Connect Conferences in Kansas City and Daytona Beach

All attendees at the upcoming AEA Connect Conferences in Kansas City (Oct. 2-3) and Daytona Beach (Nov. 4-5) will have the opportunity to take the Aircraft Electronics Technician certification and endorsement exams free of charge, a $175 value, courtesy of the AEA Educational Foundation.

Advance your career and industry knowledge by earning a certification provided by ASTM's National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT). These certifications demonstrate the knowledge base of the advanced aerospace technician and promote integrity, safety, and professionalism in the aerospace workforce.

The AET certificate and endorsements are industry-defined mechanisms to identify professionals who demonstrate their knowledge through testing and commit themselves to the aerospace industry. Associations and professionals across every industry use these certifications to recognize qualified and competent individuals. In fact, the FAA formally recognizes the AET certification as equivalent to formal training when showing eligibility for the issuance of a repairman certificate.

For those individuals who have successfully passed the AET certification test, the following endorsement exams will be available in both Kansas City and Daytona Beach:

  • Dependent Navigation Systems (DNS)
  • Autonomous Navigation Systems (ANS)
  • Radio Communication Systems (RCS)
  • Onboard Communication and Safety Systems (OCS)

To learn more about the AET certification and endorsement exams, click here.