CASA proposes policy on continuing airworthiness management and maintenance for future air transport operations

Policy proposal -- Continuing airworthiness management and maintenance for future air transport operations (PP 1915SS)

The Australian government's Civil Aviation Safety Authority's proposal primarily sets out continuing airworthiness management and maintenance policies for operators, maintenance providers and people providing continuing airworthiness management services in the current charter sector. In the future, these operations will fall under "air transport" and will transition into the new CASR Parts 121, 135 and 133 -- depending on the class (aeroplane versus helicopter) and size (weight and passenger capacity) of the aircraft. The proposed policies also have some effects for other aircraft that will transition into the future air transport sectors.

While the status quo will remain for most of the proposed policies, CASA is proposing some adjustments to ensure compatibility with the new risk-based framework of the flight operations regulations. This includes proportionate requirements of continuing airworthiness across the new air transport sectors.

Areas of policy change are:

  • Continuing airworthiness management.
  • Who may carry out maintenance.
  • Maintenance performance rules.
  • Approved maintenance organisations.

Comments close 22 December, 2019.

The Aircraft Electronics Association encourages the membership to read, review and comment on the proposed policy. To review the policy proposal, click here.