2014 Avionics and Flight Test Standardization Workshop, April 15-17

The Systems and Equipment Standards Branch, AIR-130, of the Federal Aviation Administration announced the 2014 Avionics and Flight Test Standardization Workshop will take place Aril 15-17, 2014, at the Marriott Hotel in Kansas City, Mo.

The FAA has extended an invitation to attend this event to all Aircraft Electronics Association members. The invitation also is open to the general aviation industry and/or military parties.

The purpose of the workshop is to improve aviation safety through better oversight, guidance documentation and policy implementation by providing:

  • A review of policy changes made in the last two years. This review will provide a deeper understanding of these changes.
  • A review of upcoming policy changes. This review will inform workshop participants and provide insight into these planned changes.
  • Past, current and planned avionics certification projects. This will provide lessons learned as well as a better understanding of the FAA certification process.
  • An opportunity for participants to network, discuss and exchange ideas with a wide range of FAA and industry specialists. These discussions will provide insight into the future and current state of the avionics industry as a whole.

For an overview of the workshop agenda, click here.  

A more detailed agenda will be provided closer to the event.  


To register for the conference, visit https://av-info.faa.gov/DsgReg/Sections.aspx.

There is no registration fee. Registration for all attendees (including speakers and panel members) are made through the workshop registration website. Please register by April 4.

If you registered for the 2012 Avionics and Flight Test Standardization workshop, you have a user profile/account already in the system, but you may need to have your username and/or password sent to you or reset. If you did not attend in 2012, you must create a user profile/account prior to registration. For instructions, click here.


Hotel information is provided on the workshop registration site. If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact Michelle Swearingen at 202-267-8409 or email michelle.swearingen@faa.gov. Swearingen is the office manager for the Systems and Equipment Standards Branch, AIR-130.