ATE Award applications due April 1

Avionics Training Excellence Award
The annual Avionics Training Excellence Award recognizes AEA members for their total commitment to training.

Pilots and aircraft owners may not be aware of the avionics industry’s dedication to technician training. For decades, the AEA has led the way with comprehensive programs to cover everything from the basics to advanced avionics instruction. A total commitment to training by AEA member companies and the recognition of the Avionics Training Excellence Award allow members to demonstrate their dedication to professional career development and assure their customers of a higher level of service.

To qualify, an AEA member company must submit a completed ATE Award application and provide proof of participation in an AEA-recognized training event for every employed technician from January to December of the award year. Applications for the 2020 award are due April 1, 2021.

ATE Award Application

For a company to be eligible for the ATE Award, all of its technicians must have completed at least one AEA training event in 2020, which includes:

  • AEA Connect Conference.
  • Avionics News Technical Training Exam.
  • Online training via the AEA's Aerospace Education Resource Online (AERO) system.
  • OEM training.
  • AEA partner training.

If all your current employees who were also with you in 2020 have completed AEA recognized training, your company is eligible for the award. If the training involved successful completion of the Avionics News Technical Training exam, we do not need copies of the certificates and already have those records. Simply check the appropriate box on the application form.

Award materials will be mailed this spring. For more information, contact Aaron Ward, AEA director of operations, at 816-366-5106 or