Three Major NPAs Released for Comment

Detailed information on the NPAs is available to the public via the EASA comment response tool on the CRT website

SUMMARY: The following major NPAs affect operators of aircraft, TC, restricted TC and STC holders:
  • NPA 2009-04 – Airworthiness Approval for SBAS Equipment: Airworthiness approval and operational criteria for onboard equipment related to area navigation for global navigation satellite system approach operation to localizer precision with vertical guidance minima using satellite-based augmentation system.
    Comments should be received by the Agency by June 23, 2009.
  • NPA 2009-01 – Operational Suitability Certificate: A new requirement to introduce a suitability certificate — similar to the type certificate — that covers operational requirements. Of importance to Part 145 and their training, as well as to STC applicants when implementing a new change.
    Comments should be received by the Agency by June 30, 2009.
  • NPA 2009-02B – Part OPS (EASA OPS): EASA has published the new proposed OPS requirements for instruments, date and equipment similar to current OPS, Subpart K and L requirements.
    Comments should be received by the Agency by July 31, 2009.
AEA COMMENTARY: Member of the AEA are encouraged to review the proposed NPAs and report to EASA via the comment response tool, as well as to e-mail those comments to Ric Peri at as soon as possible prior to the comment closing date.

Contact Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government and industry affairs, by email at or by phone at 202-589-1144.