Transport Canada Issues Exemption to Undocumented Parts Rule

On July 2, 2010, Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) issued an exemption to relieve AMOs with avionics, instrument and component ratings from the requirements of CAR STD 573.02(11). Click here to view Exemption 573.020001

CAR Standard 573.02(11) states that an AMO with ratings in the aircraft avionics, engine, propeller, structure, or component categories may evaluate undocumented parts of the kinds listed on the pertinent ratings, provided that:

  1. the AMO establishes applicable procedures, in its MPM, to perform the process outlined in Standard 571, Appendix H,
  2. the AMO obtains approval for the procedures required in paragraph (a) in accordance with section 573.01 of the CARs, and
  3. the performance of such service is authorized in the limitations set out in the AMO certificate.

The exemption applies specifically to holders of an AMO certificate with applicable avionics, instrument and component rating, issued pursuant to CAR 573.

The exemption is subject to the conditions that the person holding an AMO certificate with the above ratings shall ensure that:

  1. the parts certified are within the applicable scope of these ratings,
  2. the necessary instructions for continued airworthiness are available to maintain these products, and
  3. all other applicable CARs shall be complied with.

The AEA has been discussing this issue with TCCA for some time, and we are extremely pleased with TCCA’s recognition that AMOs with the above-stated ratings need not follow the procedures of CAR 571, Appendix H to re-certify undocumented parts.  AEA member AMOs in Canada with these ratings may now amend their MPM in accordance with the provisions of the exemption.

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