Update on FCC ELT Rulemaking

This is an update to the June 21, 2010, AEA Regulatory Update: FCC Bans 121.5 MHz ELTs

On July 8, 2010, the FAA sent a letter to the FCC requesting the proposed changes to 47 CFR 87.195 prohibiting “the manufacturing, importation, sale or use of 121.5 MHz emergency locator transmitters (ELTs)” be rescinded, citing the detrimental effect to the aviation community.

The AEA supports the FAA’s proposal for operators to continue the “use of existing” 121.5 MHz ELTs. However, because satellite monitoring has ceased for 121.5 MHz, the AEA does not support the FAA’s position of allowing the continued manufacture, importation or sale of new 121.5 MHz ELTs.

With the termination of the satellite monitoring of the 121.5 MHz ELT signals, the transmitter no longer meets its intended design function. The AEA is disappointed the FAA would make the unsupported and illogical argument that the proposed FCC prohibition on the further manufacturing, importation, sale or use of an outdated ELT transmitters is somehow detrimental to aviation safety. 

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