CASA Attempts to Define Navigation and Surveillance Equipage in this Decade

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority's proposed CNS/ATM plan for this decade sets aircraft avionics equipage mandates for satellite-based IFR navigation, Mode S/ADS-B transponders and forward fitment of TCAS II version 7.1 (NPRM 1105AS).

This Notice of Proposed Rulemaking includes the following mandates as set in Discussion Paper 1102AS, which met with industry agreement:

  • Satellite-based IFR navigation.
  • Mode S/ADS-B transponders.
  • Forward fitment of TCAS II version 7.1.

It does not currently address the following three additional proposals in DP 1102AS:

  • Transponder carriage (either Mode S or A/C) aircraft operating in Class D-4 February 2016 (exemptions apply).
  • ADS-B carriage all aircraft operating Class A, B, C, D, E airspace from January 2020 (exemptions apply in D and E); similar to FAA year 2020 rule.
  • TCAS II V7.1 retrofit existing turbine-powered aircraft greater than 5,700 kg/19 PAX operating greater than FL285 -- Jan. 1, 2017; (partial compliance with the ICAO standard).


The Aircraft Electronics Association has been working closely with CASA and Air Services Australia for the last year to get these mandates released. While we were unsuccessful in moving the general aviation fitment foward from 2016 to 2013, we were successful in many other areas. The AEA supports this NPRM and urges all members to comment prior to March 13, 2012.

Contact Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government and industry affairs, by email at or by phone at 202-589-1144.