CASA Grants Extension on Small Aircraft Licensing Transition

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia has extended the training period for individuals seeking a small aircraft maintenance license under CASA's new system.

The CASA's proposed new license system requires competency-based training for small aircraft maintenance licenses to be provided by CASA-approved Part 147 maintenance training organizations using a nationally endorsed set of competency standards and qualifications. This will replace the CASA basic maintenance examinations and schedules of experience.

A notice of proposed rulemaking was issued in 2014 setting out the new approach to small aircraft maintenance licensing. It was planned that use of the CASA basic examinations and schedules of experience would end in June 2015. However, the CASA has determined more time is needed for the transition to the new training system, and the exams and schedule of experience will continue to be available as a training pathway to a small aircraft maintenance license until June 2019.  The CASA is preparing transitional legislation to allow continued access to the CASA basic maintenance examinations (CASA basics) and schedules of experience as a way to obtain a small aircraft license.

The AEA's South Pacific Regulatory Consultant, Bruce Baxter, sits on the Small Aircraft Licensing Committee. While we have not resolved all the issues and problems that go with this license structure, the following is good news for the AEA membership, in as much as we strongly opposed the almost immediate cutoff of the existing licensing structure and have it replaced with an untried and unproven system. This extension to comply is a short-term reprieve. The AEA will continue to represent members' views on this issue.

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