EASA asks Industry about CS-23 Changes

The European Aviation Safety Agency is giving notice that it is considering a reorganisation of the current CS-23; a new concept that will be introduced in a future notice of proposed amendment.

The EASA is proposing to replace the current certification specifications by objective requirements that are design-independent and applicable to the entire range of aeroplanes within CS-23. These objective requirements, due to their higher abstract level, also will become suitable for current CS-VLA aeroplanes. This A-NPA precedes the issuance of an NPA (planned publication date: fourth quarter 2015) that will propose a reorganisation of Certification Specifications 'CS-23' -- Certification Specifications for Normal, Utility, Aerobatic and Commuter Category Aeroplanes.

The new concept of objective rules accompanied by airworthiness design standards allows the use of appropriate and proportionate standards as acceptable means of compliance to CS-23. This flexibility is intended to encourage the introduction of safety-enhancing features and reduce certification costs for these types of aeroplanes. These objective requirements also will include the requirements originating from CS-VLA for simple, two-seater aeroplanes.

By transposing the design-specific elements to the airworthiness design standards, future amendments of these airworthiness design standards will have to follow an industry-consensus process, which will allow for a faster adoption of new technologies and better up-to-date standards. Acceptance of these standards as AMC to the objective rules will remain the agency's responsibility.

The A-NPA explains this new concept in more detail. Stakeholders are invited to comment on the A-NPA with respect to this new concept and provide, in particular, their feedback on the draft objective requirements anticipated for CS-23 Book 1.

Comments are due May 27, 2015. The advanced notice of proposed amendment and the proposed changes to CS-23 (as well as proposed changes to FAA Part 23) will be a topic of discussion at the upcoming AEA Europe Regional Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, May 5-6.

Contact Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government and industry affairs, by email at ricp@aea.net or by phone at 202-589-1144.