Certification Specifications for Standard Changes & Standard Repairs (CS-STAN)

The European Aviation Safety Agency issued a set of standard changes and repairs, reducing maintenance and operating costs. The decision to adopt Certification Specifications for Standard Changes & Standard Repairs (CS-STAN) eliminates the need for approval for the specified changes and repairs for light aircraft in general aviation. This long-awaited approach will simplify the process of making standard changes and repairs to a broad swath of general aviation aircraft in Europe. [SC-STAN]

According to the EASA, this decision addresses a proportionality issue: It will allow a simpler process for the design and embodiment of some changes and repairs when applicable to certain aircraft (aeroplanes up to 5,700 kg MTOM, rotorcraft up to 3,175 kg MTOM, most sailplanes, balloons and airships).


Group Systems--Communication:

  • CS-SC001a - Installation of VHF voice communication equipment
  • CS-SC002a - Installation of a Mode S elementary surveillance equipment
  • CS-SC003a - Installation of Audio Selector Panels and Amplifiers
  • CS-SC004a - Installation of antennas

Group Systems--Electrical:

  • CS-SC031a - Exchange of conventional Anti-Collision Lights, Position Lights and Landing & Taxi lights by LED type lights

Group Systems--Avionics/NAV/Instruments:

  • CS-SC051a   - Installation of 'FLARM' equipment
  • CS-SC052a   - Installation of moving-map systems to enhance situational awareness
  • CS-SC053a - Installation of Radio Marker Receiving equipment
  • CS-SC054a - Exchange of Distance Measurement Equipment
  • CS-SC055a - Exchange of ADF equipment
  • CS-SC056a - Exchange of VOR equipment

Group Cabin:

  • CS-SC101a - Installation of Emergency Locator Transmitter equipment

Group Survivability Equipment:

  • CS-SC151a - Installation of headrest
  • CS-SC152a - Changes to seat cushions including the use of alternative foam materials
  • CS-SC153a - Exchange of safety belts - torso restraint systems

Group Powerplant:

  • CS-SC201a - Exchange of power plant instruments
  • CS-SC202a - Use of Avgas UL 91
  • CS-SC203a - Use of Avgas Hjelmco 91/96 UL and 91/98 UL
  • CS-SC204a - Installation of external powered engine preheater

Group Flight:

  • CS-SC251a - Installation of an Angle of Attack indicator system

Group Miscellaneous:

  • CS-SC401a - Exchange of basic flight instruments
  • CS-SC402a - Installation of sailplane equipment

While the CS-STAN addresses both standard repairs and changes, the Aircraft Electronics Association is most impressed with the extensive list of standard changes that can be made to aeroplanes up to 5,700 kg without additional administrative burden.

The AEA has had numerous discussions with the EASA over the past two years on this topic and is exceptionally pleased and surprised with the overall scope of the final document; well done!

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