AEA Best Practices For Filing and Processing Warranty Claims

With a charter to improve the relationship between avionics shops and avionics manufacturers, an ad-hoc committee comprised of AEA members has developed two "best practices" guides for filing and processing warranty claims. The goal of the "best practices" is to help manufacturers and avionics shops understand the appropriate processes and considerations to take into account to ensure consistent and fair coverage and/or reimbursement.

Each manufacturer has its own warranty policies and procedures. These policies are published and updated as required. It is imperative for avionics shop personnel to be familiar with the benefits and requirements these policies define. Failure to understand and comply with a manufacturer's policy could put the shop at risk of not having a unit repaired under warranty or a labor claim paid.

Processing Warranty Claims:

Recommended Best Practices for Repair Stations

Recommended Best Practices for Manufacturers

These guidelines do not replace or supersede any manufacturer's published warranty policy.