New Products Videos: AEA Members Highlight Safety, Entertainment, Power Systems and More

Aero-TV covered the AEA’s industry-leading “New Product Introductions” showcase during the 53rd annual AEA International Convention & Trade Show in April. The two-hour live programming session featured more than 30 new avionics products and technologies.

New safety-related avionics systems and equipment commanded most of the attention during the show. From tiny personal locator beacons and a rugged aircraft emergency locator transmitter with built-in global positioning to synthetic vision, a helicopter terrain awareness and warning system and more, AEA member companies proved their dedication to keeping passengers and crews safe in the air and on the ground.

Helping to satisfy tech-hungry consumers, manufacturers introduced more high-definition video capabilities and 3-D moving maps, as well as Wi-Fi for Web browsing and checking e-mail at 41,000 feet. Manufacturers also displayed sophisticated cabin management systems complete with interactive touch screens to keep passengers comfy by giving them total control over their environment.  AEA members also learned about new battery systems, power outlets and inverters — a reminder that without the right juice in the right places, every aircraft is grounded.

In addition, there were audio selector panels, night-vision lighting, innovative test equipment, special overlay panels, GPS portables to take pilots from the road to the sky, and a virtually indestructible memory unit. Many companies also rolled out updates to their popular instruments and avionics suites.

New and upcoming technical standard orders and supplemental type certifications dominated the news during the convention as well, indicating that, despite the recent recession, AEA members are moving forward with designing and building the tools operators need to get the most out of their aircraft.

Aero-TV has provided edited video of each of the new product presentations given during the AEA convention:

1. Universal Avionics

2. PS Engineering Inc.

3. Cirris Systems

4. EMS Aviation

5. Ultra Electronics

6. Garmin Aviation

7. Mid-Continent Instruments

8. DPI Labs Inc.

9. Global Aviation Tech

10. Aircell & GoGo Inflight

11. ICG Incorporated

12. Aeroflex Corporation

13. FreeFlight Systems

14. Emerging Lifesaving Tech

15. Avionics Technologies Inc.

16. Rosen Aviation

17. Flight Display Systems

18. Shadin Avionics

19. Sandel Avionics

20. Kannad Aviation

21. Honeywell International

22. Southeast Aerospace

23. Avidyne Corporation

24. Aspen Avionics

25. EMTEQ Aviation

26. Technisonic Industries

27. Rockwell Collins