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Rocky Mountain Aircraft Services

Avionics Technician Supervisor

Rocky Mountain Aircraft Services is an FAA certified repair station specializing in avionics installations, troubleshooting, and repair as well as maintenance on various airframes and powerplants. Rocky Mountain Aircraft Services is seeking a full-time Avionics Technician Supervisor to join or growing team. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: include assisting the Avionics Manager with oversight of the Avionics Department ensuring proper function of avionics and electrical systems in aircraft. Oversight and assistance with the installation and repair of avionics devices, assign tasks for scheduled maintenance and unscheduled repairs. Oversight and assistance with ensuring the quality of work performed by supervised personnel in the avionics shop. Supervise and train new personnel in the proper use and location of equipment as well as the training the safety precautions relevant to the equipment and function for which they may be utilized, while periodically checking the equipment for serviceability and adequacy. Must be knowledgeable and apply knowledge of the FAA regulations. This position requires a strong knowledge of aircraft avionics and electronics systems. Must maintain a positive representation of Employer at all times including the name, integrity, culture, and concept of Rock Mountain Aircraft Services.  


  • Assist with planning, directing and coordinating activities within the shop as well as in conjunction with other departments as required.
  • Assist with ensuring repairs and overhauls of all articles and components within jurisdiction are accomplished with the authority of the repair station and the work that is reviewed by an authorized inspector.
  • Assist with ensuring all hanger and shop equipment and tools are in serviceable, working condition. Ensure that periodic checks and calibrations are made on special tools and test equipment. Maintain current records of tests and calibrations.
  • Assist with ensuring all necessary avionics entries on avionics forms, logbook entries, 337s, and shop orders are properly executed by the responsible technician(s).
  • Assist with initiation of purchaser requisitions for stock as needed using proper Company documents/forms.
  • Oversight and assistance with ensuring the quality of work performed by supervised personnel in the avionics shop.
  • Maintain the preservation of all units or parts specifically including but not limited to during the work process, through the Avionics Shop, installation, storage, and completion of work.
  • Assist with ensuring all personnel are qualified to start work assignments by testing and evaluating previous experience. 
  • Obtain Part 121 and 135 customer requirements, make them available and ensure they were followed by inspection personnel.
  • Reviewing and making available required technical data on all articles overhauled or repaired and keeping the data current with latest revisions. The data will include manufacturers' overhaul manuals, service bulletins, parts specifications, related FAA approved data, and any other technical data used by the repair station.
  • Use and reference the proper documentation required for completion of FAA forms, Shop Orders, and other repair station documents.
  • Maintain airport security in accordance with applicable aviation regulations.
  • Ensure all Federal, state, local, Company and industry safety protocols are followed.
  • Ensure a safe work environment to reduce risk of injury and accidents, including promptly reporting all accidents in the event a vendor, customer or employee is injured.
  • Adhere to safety protocols regarding the operation of machinery/equipment and vehicles. This includes but is not limited to speed limits.
  • Follow and enforce Company control procedures to safeguard all assets including cash, equipment, inventory, customer, and Company property.
  • Participate in all mandatory Company meetings and trainings.
  • Assist with basic upkeep of common areas including but not limited to break room and restrooms.
  • Initiate and or assist the Maintenance Manager with coaching and discipline for shop personnel. Ensuring employees are treated fairly and consistently.
  • Assist with preparation and delivery of periodic performance reviews for maintenance shop personnel.
  • Other duties may be assigned to meet operational needs. 


  •  Must always maintain an awareness that lives are dependent upon the ability to perform all tasks assigned with accuracy and uncompromised concern for safety. 
  •  Must have high level of interpersonal skills with ability to handle sensitive and confidential information appropriately. 
  •  Must have strong written and oral communication skills to tactfully and professionally interact with individuals at all levels of the organization and outside the organization. 
  •  Must be able to think on their feet and quickly synthesize information using common sense and reasoning to analyze and resolve issues while including appropriate people in decision     making process. 
  •  Must demonstrate professional and respectful relationships with all co-workers, vendors, customers, supervisors, and managers. 
  •  Must be able to work independently as well as productively in a team setting. 
  •  Must have ability to safely multitask, prioritize, and adapt to unforeseen priority changes.
  •  Must demonstrate self-reliance, stamina, and drive.
  •  Must have high levels of objectivity and emotional consistency with the ability to remain level-headed. 
  •  Must commit to long hours of work when necessary and ensure work responsibilities are covered when required. 
  •  Must have availability to work weekends, evenings, and holidays. 
  •  Must have the ability to travel. 
  •  Must demonstrate knowledge of basic math calculations. 
  •  Must have valid Driver’s License, current vehicle insurance preferred and a minimum of two years driving experience. 
  •  Must possess working knowledge of business and reporting software, internet software, point of sales systems, spreadsheet software and work processing software. 
  •  High School Diploma or equivalent preferred. 
  •  Must be able to learn, understand and retain complex information about many different systems and types of aircraft. 
  •  Must obtain or transfer existing Repairman Certification to be work attached to this FAA Repair Station within 90 days of hire date. 
  •  Must complete Company, industry, state and federally required trainings, certifications and courses within the timeline provided during initial training period. 
  •  Must have basic mechanic tools to perform standard aviation repairs.

Physical Demands: 

This is a laborious position in which it is regularly required to have frequent quick movement including constant standing and walking. The position involves other regular movement including, but not limited to, climbing, bending, kneeling, squatting, reaching, twisting, lifting, and carrying. The employee must frequently lift/move/carry up to 25 pounds (at times over your head), occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds and seldom lift and/or move up to 75 pounds.

Work Environment: 

The work environment is fast paced, busy and has moderate to high noise levels. Occasionally, there is exposure to extreme/excessive weather conditions cold or hot, such as exposure to snow, hail, or rain as well as heat from the sun or machines. There is frequent exposure to hazardous and flammable materials used in the aviation industry such as but not limited to aviation fuels, oils, and fumes. There is frequent exposure to potentially dangerous equipment, including but not limited to moving aircraft, propellers, and jet engines.

RMAS is an equal opportunity employer. 

Pay: DOE


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