AEA membership Benefits

Joining the Aircraft Electronics Association opens the door to a variety of services and benefits! The benefits and services provide members the tools they need to learn about operational, technical, and regulatory issues, improve their business, network with other aviation professionals and help with marketing needs.

AEA Member Benefits

Avionics News Magazine

Avionics News Magazine

Avionics News magazine, a monthly publication of the AEA, is:

  • The voice of the general aviation electronics industry.
  • Featured regulatory articles, including international regulatory articles, in every issue.
  • The largest, single representation of repair stations in the world.
  • A place for AEA members to share their company news as well as opportunities for our company to be featured in a member profile.
  • Read by industry decision-makers, including the owners, managers and technicians of Part 145 repair stations who sell, service and install avionics, as well as maintenance facilities and fixed-base operations. They are in the position to recommend products to the end-users — their customers.
  • Read by thousands of aircraft owners and pilots.

Avionics News

Equipment Exchange

AEA's EEDirect

Equipment Exchange is:

  • Online equipment marketplace exclusively for AEA members to buy and sell to other AEA members.
  • Equipment Exchange can be used for pricing equipment for quotes.
  • Products are searchable by Model/Part Number, Description, Region or AEA member company.
  • The listing is updated monthly.


Convention & Regionals

Convention & Conferences

AEA Convention & Regionals:

  • Network, Learn, Grow
  • AEA’s annual international Convention and Trade Show, and Regionals bring together manufacturers, distributors and repair stations to offer technical training, business management courses, and regulatory sessions.
  • The trade shows feature the latest avionics technologies and the opportunity for repair stations to network with industry professions each year at six locations throughout the world.
  • AEA members receive a discounted registration fee up to $300.

AEA Convention

Shop Rate & Labor Report

AEA Rate & Labor Survey

Shop Rate & Labor Report:

The annual AEA Rate and Labor Survey reports shop and labor rates by region, along with employee benefit/compensation package information, a profile of technician experience, regional employment demand and a business outlook perspective. The quick-glance layout allows repair station owners and managers to easily compare their businesses to others in their regions of operation.

AEA Rate & Labor Survey

Regulatory Consultancy & Guidance

Repair Station Consultancy & Guidance

Repair Station Consultancy & Guidance:

The AEA has staff dedicated to assist our members with any regulatory guidance not only with the FAA but international governing agencies as well. The Association communicates new legislation as it becomes available.

Training - Classroom, Webinars & Online


Training - Classroom & Online:

  • The AEA is the preferred training provider for aircraft electronics professionals.
  • AEA works together with industry and educators to develop the best tools for advanced technology training and business operations.
  • AEA members get discounted member rates for all training.
  • Examples of training
    • Certified Repair Station Training - Classroom
    • Basic Wiring & Avionics Installation - Classroom
    • Pitot Static & Transponder Testing - Classroom
    • Aircraft Wiring Inspections - Online
    • OSHA Hazard Communication - Online
    • Communicating Human Factors - Online
    • The Ins & Outs of Drug & Alcohol Program Management - Webinar
    • Flight Data Recorders and the Mexican Mandate - Webinar

AEA Training

Jobs Board

AEA Jobs Board

Jobs Board:

  • AEA members can list job opening on the AEA Job board for free.
  • Jobs are listed for one month ($200 value).

AEA Jobs Board

ASTM's Compass

ASTM's Compass

ASTM's Compass:

The AEA has negotiated a contract to bring all of the ASTM aviation standards to the repair station members that need the standards for the continuing airworthiness of the general aviation fleet from light-sport aircraft to the new Part 23 as well as the foundational maintenance of electrical wire interconnect systems for the legacy GA fleet. It’s estimated that the typical repair station uses six ASTM standards during the year. The standards range from $50 for the Electrical Load Analysis to $103 for the Standard Practice for Design, Alteration and Certification of aircraft wiring systems. The annual cost savings is around $350 a year for AEA members.

ASTM Compass

Partner ProgramS

Partner Programs

AEA members get access to partner programs for discounts on goods and services. Including:

  • Health Insurance Program
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Discounted Freight Program
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Retirement Solutions
  • Debt Collection Service
  • Drug Testing & Background Checks
  • Car Rental
  • Training

AEA Partner Programs

Safety Management System

Safety Management System

The AEA has your solution for SMS, a proprietary program designed for maintenance organizations, sized for small businesses and leveraged by the 900-strong repair station membership.

  • The program has been coordinated with the Federal Aviation Administration and Transport Canada Civil Aviation, as well as other international agencies for future acceptance.


AEA Pilot's Guide

AEA Pilot's Guide

Published annually, the AEA Pilot’s Guide is a consumer’s guide to pilot supplies, avionics, instruments, and services, including a global directory of certified avionics facilities, manufacturers and distributors. If your customers are pilots or owners of general aviation, business aviation or sport aviation aircraft, the AEA Pilot’s Guide is your can’t-miss advertising opportunity.

AEA Pilot's Guide