The AEA Staff

Mike Adamson, President & CEO, AEA

Mike Adamson

President & CEO

Publisher, Avionics News

Debra McFarland, Executive Vice President, AEA

Debra McFarland

Executive Vice President
Ric Peri, Vice President of Government & Industry Affairs, AEA

Ric Peri

Vice President of Government & Industry Affairs
Linda Adams, Vice President of Member Services, AEA

Linda Adams

Vice President of Member Services
Aaron Ward, Director of Operations, AEA

Aaron Ward

Director of Operations
Geoff Hill, Director of Communications, AEA

Geoff Hill

Director of Communications

Editor, Avionics News

Jeff Kirchhoff, Creative Director, AEA & <em>Avionics News Magazine</em>

Jeff Kirchhoff

Creative Director

Managing Editor, Avionics News

Rachel Hill, Director of Advertising

Rachel Hill

Director of Advertising
Pam Meyers, Member Services Representive

Pam Meyers

Member Services Representative
Nick Brown, Director of Workforce Development

Nick Brown

Director of Workforce Development
Kevin Bruce, Director of Engineering and Certification

Kevin Bruce

Director of Engineering and Certification

AEA Consultants

Bruce Baxter, AEA South Pacific

Bruce Baxter

South Pacific