AEA Committees

An integral part of the Aircraft Electronics Association governing body, the AEA board of directors, is its committees. An effective board does much of its work in committees. The fundamental research and collection of ideas are gathered and alternatives are considered through AEA committees.

This committee is a standing committee and shall assess the board’s profile and skill set; shall develop and maintain a pool of candidates with desired skills that could be nominated to serve on the board; and, as necessary, shall recommend a slate of candidates to the board whenever vacancies or impending vacancies require an election to select directors.

Garry Joyce, IAE Ltd. -

Mike Berryhill, Cirrus Aircraft
Kris Garberg, Appareo
Bill Hanf, Green Mountain Avionics
Tom Harper, Avidyne Corp.
David Loso, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, ex-officio
Mike Adamson, AEA Staff Liaison

This committee shall oversee and audit the Association’s government affairs program; shall recommend strategic plans for such programs; shall assist the Association’s government affairs professionals in meeting the Association’s government affairs goals; and shall report their findings and recommendations to the board for disposition.

Steve Wysong, Wysong Enterprises -

Monica Gualandri, Sarasota Avionics
Bill Hanf, Green Mountain Avionics
James Joubert, Pacific Southwest Instruments
Garry Joyce, IAE Ltd.
Russ Kromberg, Duncan Aviation
Efrain Lopez, Georgetown Instrument Services
Gary Picou, PS Engineering
Marc Rome, Empire Avionics
Graeme Rowe, AvMax
Jerry Stooksbury, Avionics Specialists LLC
Ric Peri, AEA Staff Liaison

This Committee shall assist the treasurer and president by monitoring the financial status of the organization, and overseeing periodic financial audits. The Committee shall report their findings and recommendations to the board for disposition.

Jim Alpiser, Garmin -

Debra McFarland, AEA Staff Liaison

Get Involved!

If you are interested in serving on an AEA Committee, you must submit a
Committee Application Form for consideration.