Basic Aircraft Electrical

This course is designed for the avionics technician, aircraft maintenance technician or home builder who wants to improve their understanding of aircraft electrical systems and electricity. This course will provide an overview of the fundamentals of electricity and their practical application in aircraft. From currents and calculations to schematics and systems troubleshooting this two-day course is the perfect primer for an entry level technician or the skilled homebuilder ready to tackle avionics installation.

Presented by: 
Pahan Ranasingha of Avionics Installations.

Basic Electricity

  • Theory
  • Symbols and Components
  • Calculations
  • Systems Design and Integration
  • Practical Application

Main Power Distribution

  • Main Battery
  • Switches and Relays
  • Circuit Protection
  • Electronic Circuit Board
  • Master Buss
  • Avionics Buss
  • Ground Power

Generators and Basic Charging Systems

Electrical Wire

  • Characteristics
  • Bonding and Shielding
  • Wire Identification and Selection

Lighting and Dimming

Circuit Measurement

  • Using a multimeter
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