Pitot-Static, Transponder, RVSM, and ADS-B: Testing & Inspection

Attendees will learn the proper methods for conducting pitot-static and transponder tests and inspections. This two-day course offers a regulatory review and an explanation of the proper administrative procedures for completing these critical certifications. Preparing and performing RVSM inspection tasks. ADS-B session covering installation, wiring and return to service review.

Presented by: Don Dominguez of Radioman Avionics

FAA Accepted 8 Hours - Course # C-IND-IM-170106-K-010-005
Acceptance Letter

Course Goals:

  • Regulatory Review:91.411 and 91.413; FAR 43, Appendix E and F; FAR 43.9, “Content Form and Disposition of Maintenance and Alterations Records Review.”
  • Technical Review: Step-by-step altimeter, pitot/static and transponder inspection training from set up to final documentation; time-saving tips for conducting testing in a logical order; Appendix E and F, “Management Training.”
  • Course Materials: Step-by-step procedures, sample checkout forms and FAR reference materials; standard practices; and tips and tricks from experienced industry technicians.

RVSM Session:

  • General RVSM information.
  • Altimetry system error (ASE).
  • Continued Airworthiness Programs.
  • The New Part 91 Appendix G.
  • AC 91-85B.
  • Preparing for your inspection task.
  • Performing the inspection task.
  • Q & A
  • A “Introduction to Operating and Maintaining Aircraft in RVSM Airspace” Handout will be provided to Attendees.

ADS-B Session: 

  • Demonstration of configuration and test procedures.
  • FAR reference material applicable to ADS-B.
  • Design and architecture of an ADS-B upgrade.
  • Avionics equipment interfacing considerations for ADSB in.
  • ADS-B installation and wiring review and design.
  • System configurations for ADS-B equipment.
  • Conformity inspection of ADS-B equipment.
  • Documentation and return to service.
AEA Member $499 | Non-Member $599 | Academic $449