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The European Aviation Safety Agency has introduced NPA "Embodiment of Safety Management System (SMS) requirements into Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2042/2003" covering Part M and Part 145 (rulemaking task reference: RMT.0251/MDM.055). more info
In leveraging the programs of the United Kingdom and Canada, the Australian government's Civil Aviation Safety Authority has published an advisory circular on the implementation of safety management systems for approved maintenance organizations, which is wrought with bureaucracy and added regulatory burden. more info
In comments to the FAA yesterday regarding its proposal to mandate Safety Management Systems (SMS) for air carriers, the Association objected to the proposal as written while supporting the general concept of incident management and using a risk-based analysis for strategic regulatory decisions. more info
The FAA has published its long-awaited proposal for Safety Management Systems. more info
The Safety Management Systems Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) published its final report to the FAA regarding suggestions for the implementation of SMS in the United States. more info
The regulatory battle against the Canadian proposal for a Safety Management Systems program is quickly coming to an end. We have fought the good fight, and it’s not over quite yet, but even if Transport Canada were not to go forward with rulemaking, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) mandate would force anyone interested in international commerce to adopt a Safety Management Systems program. The question we have to deal with in the final days of this regulatory battle is not “if” SMS but rather “how.” more info
The Aircraft Electronics Association sent comments to the FAA on Wednesday, Oct.21, in response to the FAA’s Safety Management Systems proposed rule-making: more info
The FAA is soliciting public comments regarding a potential rulemaking requiring repair stations, air carriers and manufacturers to develop and implement safety management systems (SMS). more info


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