AEA elects new board members

New representatives will serve a three-year term through March 2023

Members of the Aircraft Electronics Association recently elected new representatives to its board of directors. The following individuals will serve a three-year term through March 2023.

  • Simpson Bennett, Genesys Aerosystems
  • Gordon Cox, Avionics 2000
  • Rick Garcia, Gulf Coast Avionics
  • Aaron Hall, ACS Avionics LLC

Simpson Bennett is the marketing communications manager for Genesys Aerosystems and is responsible for all marketing communications, website maintenance, web design, lead generation, content creation (digital and print advertisements, video, and photography), and media/public relations. A private pilot for more than 16 years, Bennett has also worked with other AEA member companies. Before Genesys, Bennett worked in numerous roles at Avidyne, including product development and marketing with responsibility for managing the development and promotion of all product lines. Bennett currently serves on the AEA’s workforce development committee.

Gordon Cox is the general manager of Avionics 2000, an avionics support company in Australia. Cox is in charge of the day-to-day management of Avionics 2000 and assists the managing director with long- term planning for the business. As the company’s CASA liaison, he also has oversight of installations, defect rectification and routine maintenance of aircraft. Cox has 40 years of experience in the avionics stream from business jets to small private aircraft, primarily in the management sector. A non-active pilot, he also is CASA licenced on a multitude of aircraft and types.

Rick Garcia is the president of Gulf Coast Avionics, an AEA member company since 1985. He was first elected to the AEA board of directors in 2014 and begins this third term of service. Garcia and his employees regularly attend the AEA Connect Conferences and the AEA International Convention & Trade Show. Garcia also has been an advisor to the AEA in its expansion into the AEA Latin America region. In addition to his headquarters facility in Lakeland, Florida, Garcia maintains additional locations in Florida, as well as locations in Oregon, Brazil and Colombia. Garcia also has served on the board of directors for the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In, and he was named the AEA Member of the Year in 2000.

Aaron Hall is the CEO of ACS Avionics. He is responsible for the day-to-day repair station operation, personnel, sales, technical drawings, and training. Hall also serves as the accountable manager for the repair station. Hall has several years of experience providing training to members at the AEA International Convention & Trade Show and the AEA Connect Conferences in the U.S. and Europe. A regular attendee at AEA events, Hall focuses his attention on sharing his technical and business operations knowledge with fellow members.

In addition, the board of directors elected Tom Harper, director of marketing for Avidyne, as its new secretary.