Introduction to DO-160 Qualification

This course is designed to equip professionals with essential insights into RTCA DO-160, a cornerstone standard dictating test criteria and methodologies crucial for ensuring the operational integrity of systems and equipment within the aircraft environment.

Presented by: Travis Dahna - System and Equipment – Electrical DER/UM - ODA administrator - Instructor for the University of Kansas

Who Should Attend:

Individuals involved in system, avionic or electric design of aircraft, aircraft systems and TSO articles. Whether for type certificate approvals, STC approvals or TSO authorization, this course will provide the necessary background to better understand the system and equipment environmental requirements essential to the fundamental compliance demonstration to show that a system or equipment will function as intended in the exposed environment. 

Course Objective:

From temperature and altitude variations to considerations of EMI and lightning impacts, DO-160 encompasses a broad spectrum of testing parameters. Understanding the underlying purpose of these tests and their alignment with design regulations outlined in Part 23/25/27/29 is indispensable for systems engineers.

Throughout this course, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of DO-160, including:

  • Insights into setting up testing protocols
  • Detailed examination of its 26 sections
  • Fundamental strategies for both preparing for and executing these tests effectively.

Join us as we navigate the intricacies of DO-160 qualification, empowering you to meet industry standards with confidence and precision.

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