Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft

This course is targeted for the home builder or avionics technician who wants to learn about performing an avionics installation in an experimental aircraft. The class focuses on the Garmin G3X Touch system, and a simplified example harness is constructed as part of the hands-on portion of the class. While the G3X Touch system is the primary focus, the wiring principles and general guidance can be applied to any experimental avionics system. From the do-it-yourselfer to the avionics shop looking to carve out a niche, this class has something for everyone.

This class will start with an overview of wiring basics, but will quickly advance through the common practices involved in wiring. Students will spend a significant portion of this course learning, hands-on, how to wire a G3X Touch system. Attendees will also learn how to plan, install, interface and configure the G3X Touch system.

Presented by: 
Levi Self of Midwest Avionics

Course Goals

Avionics Overview for Experimental Aircraft

  • Regulations concerning experimental aircraft.
  • Planning your avionics installation.
  • Integration with IFR navigators.
  • Compatible 3rd party equipment.
  • ADS-B for experimental aircraft.
  • Differences between experimental and certified avionics.

Tools and Techniques

  • Tools required for avionics installation.
  • General wiring practices and techniques.
  • Shield termination and wire splicing practice.
  • Wiring practices to avoid.

Data Bus Overview

  • Overview of data buses used in experimental aircraft.
  • CAN Bus wire, layouts and terminations.
  • Common data bus wiring mistakes.

Mechanical Installation

  • General equipment installation guidelines.
  • General equipment location, and environmental considerations.
  • ADAHRS vibration considerations.
  • Magnetometer isolation from magnetic interference.
  • Potential problems from improper installations.

Electrical Installation

  • Overview of electrical systems.
  • System architecture.
  • Wiring diagrams.
  • Harness layouts.

Operational Checkout

  • Power and ground checkouts.
  • Initial power up.
  • Software loading.
  • Data bus configuration.
  • General configuration and calibration.
  • Avionics databases.

Planning a Test Flight

  • Flight planning and safety precautions.
  • On ground vs. in air system operational checks.
  • First flight autopilot engagement and tuning.


  • Basic troubleshooting tips.
  • Integrated troubleshooting tools.
  • Common mistakes.
  • Troubleshooting guide.

Greg S.

All panel builders should attend. Great way to start and will reduce frustration. Really helped me decide on my panel configuration.

Michael E.

Well worth the time and money builds confidence and knowledge

Bill C.

Be prepared know the basics and be ready to practice & gain confidence.

Michael C.

Great overview of G3X system and hands on installation experience. Must have in order to understand system and component interaction.

Jay F.

Excellent intro into the Garmin system and how to wire. I feel much more confident and comfortable with avionics

Keith B.

Great class

Mick B.

Do yourself a favor, class will holster your confidence and you'll be way ahead of your fellow builders.

Lance  M.

This course gives the amatuer aircraft builder the knowledge and hands on ability to self-install modern, networked avionics. The course focuses on teh Garmin GSX avionics system.

Terry S.

Very informative, real world applications, Garmin specific

David  M.

Great course for G3X & Exp world

Greg B.

thorough, insightful, well rounded.

Charles T.

terrific course - lots of information

Andrew H.

I would highly recommend, Levi was excellent. would love to learn more techniques in the class.

Robert H.

If you are building own plane & plan to use G3X panel. well worth attending to see what involved to determine if you will do your own avionics install an not. Well worth even if not self installing just to see what you one paying for if one pays for panel build up.

Michael K.

Definitely recommend it for anyone building an EAB looking to wire their avionics.

Turner B.

Worth every penny!

Corey S.

Take notes, listen and learn, everything you need to know is covered

Lance C.

This was a great balance of where I was hoping it would be. Good mix of system information, planning, hands on wiring work and most of all with a practical perspective.

Julio H.

Well worth the cost. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

Dave W.

If you plan to do your own (panel) avionics or have someone else do them much valuable information is gained. Excellent building block toward completion.

Terry P.

Great overall introduction level class. Bring your questions.

David C.

Great class, I learned a lot and feel much more comfortable with the tasks covered

Wallace G.

Lots of real world nuggets - chance to get questions answered

John H.

Great class for those considering installing G3X in their experimental aircraft

Larry W.

A great review of what to expect for the G3X Installation

Shannon C.

Well worth the time and cost of the class

Brian L.


Gregg S.

Essential for any builder wanting to install a Garmin panel. Will save you time and heartache.

Steve L.

Great class, very worth the time and money

Steve L.

Great class, very worth the time and money

Michael M.

Awesome demonstration of Garmin Experimental equipment and how to configure it.

Zrinko A.

Well worth the money! Repeat every three years!

Barry B.

Excellent course to prepare you to install your own system.

Jared W.

Well worth your time to attend.

Ray D.

Do it

Steve I.

Very informative. Covers basic to advanced info.

Leif B.

Very good.

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