ADS-B Configuration, Testing & Troubleshooting


This course is designed for currently employed repair station personnel and installers of ADS-B systems. Approximately 7% of all general aviation ADS-B installations are non-compliant based on the FAA’s ADS-B Performance Monitoring System. This course focuses on the proper configuration and testing of ADS-B installations to ensure your installation meets the performance requirements and regulations. Also included are troubleshooting tips and tricks that will help you resolve the common problems found in ADS-B installations.

Presented by: William Tramper

Course Objective: 
To provide the student with theory of operation, installation configuration, testing procedures, and troubleshooting procedures related to ADS-B systems.

Course Goals:

  • Describe ADS-B theory of operation and mandate requirements.
  • Explore the FAA’s NextGen/ADS-B online tools.
  • Demonstrate how to properly configure an ADS-B system.
  • Demonstrate how to properly test an ADS-B installation using industry-standard test equipment.
  • Demonstrate how to verify an ADS-B installation meets the FAA’s performance requirements.
  • Describe basic troubleshooting procedures used to resolve common issues with ADS-B installations.

Virtual Course:

  • This course will be presented live online.
  • After registering, attendees will be emailed the information needed to connect.
  • Attendees will be emailed the course materials in digital format.
  • Attendees are required to connect with a web camera.

Miguel Angel H.

Great course... take it!!!

Marcelo J.

It's a great course that explains not only the basics about ADS-B configuration but also explains in depth the ADS-B Testing procedures and troubleshooting

Steven  G.

Bring some snacks

Mari B.

Valuable information for understanding the concept of ADS-B, and making troubleshooting easier.

Matthew K.

Good class. Take notes.

Christopher S.

It is worth it to take this course even if you have a lot of experience. Instructors and other students always have scenarios that most other people do not encounter. Sharing this information is great for this course.

Geanovea W.

Definitely needed for young avionics technicians, and for the experienced, it is an excellent refresher with additional information you probably don't know already and surely will need.

paul m.

great class

Jonathan F.

A must for new avionics techs!

Lewis F.

Instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to follow

Taylor K.

It was very informative for technicians that are already experienced. It would be harder for someone just getting into avionics.

Jason T.

Prepare for a lot of ADS-B info

Aaron W.

Pay attention lots of information

William L.

Very good

James H.

You will learn ADS-B

Ryan P.

It is a good overview. Be sure to come into the course with, at minimum, a broad or basic knowledge base of ADS-B

Chris L.

If you want to learn everything about ADS-B take this class

Skyler H.

very informative

Robert G.

A good class for techs of all experience levels

José P.

You cannot miss it, it guides you on technical documentation, to solve faults, certainty about the 19 parameters that must be checked.

Travis P.

This is a great class that will help everyone with ADS-B. Even if you think you know the system, this class will teach you something.

Stephen K.

Good stuff! Instructor knows his stuff.

Christopher S.

I would say they need to ask questions. The more questions they would ask during the class, the more information they will get out of it. For instance, one of my classmates was able to get me the part number for the antenna coupler so I can see about getting one of our work area.

Manuel V.

This is a great introduction to ADS-B. A lot better than reading from a textbook.

Randy S.

Very good course for techs new to ADS-B system and also helpful as a refresher course to aid in troubleshooting existing installations.

Jerry S.

If you wish to learn the correct and regulatory procedure to install, troubleshoot and certify ADS-B avionics installations, look no further. This AEA course is specifically designed for you!

John S.

Staff was very knowledgeable of the topics discussed, don't hesitate to ask questions. If an answer isn't immediately known, every effort will be made to find you the answer.

Humberto C.

that this course is highly recommended as it analyzes the important points of the system update ADS-B-Out.

Corey R.

Well worth the time and money

Jose M.


Ismael  G.

I will recommend it

Rodrigo Guillermo R.

Very helpful tool to learn how ADS-B works

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