AET Prep Course & Exam

The Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) Prep Course is a hybrid class for aviation technicians who want to earn their NCATT AET certification. Students who register in advance will have access to online modules to self-study the AET coursework before attending the live class at AEA. The online modules take approximately two weeks to complete. Students will attend a one-day review session in person and take the AET certification exam at AEA headquarters in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. ($175 value for exam is included in your course registration.)

Note: Upon registration, instructions to access the AET Prep online modules will be emailed to the attendee.

Presented by: Nick Brown, director of workforce development, AEA

Course Schedule:

  • Upon registration, the student receives access to online modules to complete before the in-person session.
  • The in-person one-day review session takes place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at AEA headquarters.
  • After the review session, the AET certification exam will be administered with a two-hour time limit to complete.
    • Exam is 90 questions, multiple choice.
    • Passing score is 73%.

Course Objectives:

  • Calculate series and parallel circuits using Ohm's law.
  • Learn how to use a multimeter to find faults in circuits.
  • Find frequency in an AC circuit using an oscilloscope.
  • Analyze and calculate AC transformers.
  • Calculate capacitance and inductance in series and parallel circuits.
  • Troubleshoot power supply circuits, including oscillator and filters.
  • Convert decimal, binary and hexadecimal numbering systems.
  • Solve digital logic functions in memory circuits.
  • Understand aviation maintenance fundamentals.
  • Identify hangar safety considerations.
  • Understand the basics of wiring in avionics.
  • Learn how to use technical manuals in aviation.
AEA Member $599 | Non-Member $699