Avionics Service and Testing Fundamentals

Build and Keep Your Test Panel & Harness!

This intensive three-day course is designed for experienced avionics technicians seeking comprehensive training in avionics testing, troubleshooting, and service. Led by industry expert Don Dominguez of Radioman Avionics, participants will gain hands-on experience in bench testing LRUs, flight line testing, and aircraft troubleshooting across various avionics systems. From fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, this course covers a wide range of topics including navigation, communication, and transponder equipment service.

Presented by: Don Dominguez of Radioman Avionics

Course Goals:

Avionics Testing Fundamentals and Bench Testing Basics

  • Introduction to Avionics Testing Fundamentals
  • Review of electronic parts identification
  • Wire identification and soldering skills practice
  • Bench-Testing Basics
  • Hands-on fabrication of a general-purpose test panel
  • Pilot interface to aircraft radios
  • Bench harness fabrication
  • Bench-testing common avionics

Navigation and Communication Equipment Service Training

  • Overview of Navigation and Communication Equipment Service
  • VHF communication theory and operation
  • VHF navigation theory and operation (VOR/LOC/GS)
  • Marker beacon receiver theory and operation
  • Communication installation architecture and troubleshooting
  • Navigation installation architecture and troubleshooting
  • Bench-testing standards for navigation and communication equipment
  • Equipment return to service procedures

Transponder Service Training and Harness Fabrication

  • Introduction to Transponder Service Training
  • Fabrication of a transponder bench test harness
  • Transponder theory and operation
  • Common transponder installation architecture
  • Troubleshooting transponder, antenna, and transmission lead issues
  • Mode C encoder troubleshooting
  • Hands-on bench testing and alignment of transponders
  • Transponder return to service procedures
  • Hands-on wire harness fabrication

Participants will leave the course with enhanced skills in LRU bench testing, flight line testing, and troubleshooting across various avionics systems, along with their fabricated test panel, harness, and wire harness projects. Don Dominguez, a seasoned professional in avionics, will provide expert guidance throughout the course, ensuring participants are equipped with practical knowledge applicable to real-world scenarios.

*Attendees will keep their fabricated test panel and harness projects!

Nicholas W.

Must attend. You learn why you are doing what you are doing!

Ed B.

This is another great addition to basic wiring & installation

Manuel V.

I strongly recommend this course from entry level to high experienced technicians.

Casey L.

Have for soldering

David M.

Stay for all the classes afterwards + 2 Days

Cornelius O.

Excellent class for introduction to bench testing

James H.

Great training instructor was informative and very helpful and made me feel comfortable.

Julia A.

Extremely knowledgeable instructor and yo gr to leave with a fully functional bench test set for NAV/COMM/TPDR

Ranjheit F.

If you want to learn instrument/bench testing for your company and to satisfy the customer, this is the place to come & learn.

Colton E.

Instructor was knowledgeable and kind. Supplies needed were provided.

Tom  J.

Highly informative. Excellent introduction to building test equipment.

Pedro M.

excellent class!

William L.

Good review on troubleshooting basics

Robert C.

Well worth it!

Miles K.

I highly recommend this program and its instructors!

Richard A.

The course is great for getting a starting point for those trying to start a repair station.

Ammar N.

Great material! A lot of information

Steve T.

Good practical knowledge applied on how to do avionics testing & troubleshooting

Craig H.

There is lot of information, s be sure to be rested.

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