Aircraft Instrument Systems


This course is designed for avionics technicians or apprentices who want to learn more about aircraft instrument systems and better understand their operation, installation considerations, and maintenance to become more effective troubleshooters. From simple mechanical gauges to complex electrical and electronic systems, this course covers nearly every instrument system in an aircraft.

Presented by: William Tramper, Azimuth Aerospace Solutions, LLC

Course Objective: Students will learn the theory of operation, installation considerations and maintenance of a wide range of systems from analog gauges to glass cockpits, for flight, engine, and navigation.

Course Goals:

  • General Theory of Aircraft Instruments
  • Pressure Measuring Instruments
  • Remote Sensing and Indication
  • Mechanical Movement Indicators
  • Temperature Measuring Instruments
  • Direction Indicating Instruments
  • Gyroscopic Instruments
  • Electronic Instruments
  • Warning & Caution Instruments
  • Time Measuring Instruments
  • Instrument Installation Considerations
  • Maintenance of Instrument Systems

Virtual Course:

  • This course will be presented live online.
  • After registering, attendees will be emailed the information needed to connect.
  • Attendees will be emailed the course materials in digital format.
  • Attendees are required to connect with a web camera.

Hallie D.

Great introduction to the basics of aircraft instrument systems.

Darian M.

Take this class, will give you a great understanding of the instruments in the cockpit.

Layce H.

Absolutely need to attend!

Rianna L.

The instructor was very detailed when giving information, and I would recommend taking multiple courses with him.

Kevin C.

Register early and read the materials before the class begins

Cassandra J.

Great introduction and overview of instruments from older technology to newer technology including gerneral aviation and commercial aviation.

Matthew Y.

Recommend this course for non-aviation backgrounds that may not have the knowledge

Larry S.

Be prepared, if you are new to aviation and instrument/electronics systems this could be a bit overwhelming. Also, it may not be applicable so much if you are working on more modern type systems and only doing line type mx.

Brian W.

Just ask any questions if need be they will be answered

Maddison  B.

Class was engaging and informative, Presented by a knowledgeable instructor.

Susan H.

The class was well setup and well done. William Tramper is exceptionally knowledgeable and a great instructor.

John B.

It's a thorough introduction of all traditional instrument systems.

Jeffrey W.

Great basic knowledge of aircraft instrument systems.

Caroline  K.

Flexible,Very informative and interesting

Leah T.

interesting and informative class for those wanting to know how instruments work on the inside

Ned K.

A very comprehensive overview of aircraft systems and equipment.

Colton V.

In this course, William Trapper delivers an excellent introductory course into aircraft equipment and instruments. Over two days you will learn about all 9 categories of instruments and you will not be bored doing so.

Casey L.

This class is very helpful. Especially for beginners.

Justin H.

This class was a great introduction and education on aviation instruments. Very informative and easy to keep up with.

Cristobal A.

Great opportunities for learn instruments.

Christopher C.

This course would be useful for both inexperienced and experienced individuals alike. Topics covered are very informative and well presented.

Manuel V.

This class is a must for entry to senior level instrument technicians as well as people who work and are interested on instruments and displays.

Jared P.

Great course and worth the time/money

Paul p.

Definitly 100% attend it.

Tyler H.

This class is very informative for introductory technicians or mechanics and explains the purposes for most instruments in aircrafts.

Zack D.

Great instructor and awesome presentation of aircraft instruments!

Dave G.

Excellent introduction to instruments for entry level avionics technicians. Well presented with coverage of all required background to be able to troubleshoot most common instrument issues.

Kyle K.

If you want to know how each instrument works INTERNALLY this class is for you.

Ted M.

Good introduction for theory of operations for avionics instruments.

Eric K.

Pay attention & retain as much as you can

Michael W.

Mr Tramper is a wealth of information and if he cannot answer your question he will find out how to.

Andrew S.

New techs with limited knowledge could struggle. This is difficult to balance with a range of experience in the class.

Michael S.

If you dont know how to fly you may need to study a little more after class

Jim P.

As a pilot, I expected this class to be review. It was much deeper than what is common knowledge to pilots.

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