Transponder Service Training

This course is designed for technicians who have completed the AEA’s Bench Basics 101 course and/or have a couple of years of basic avionics installation practice and are looking for experience in LRU bench testing and avionics flight line testing. ADS-B transponder systems, nav/ILS and VHF comms will be the focus of study.

Presented by: Don Dominguez of Radioman Avionics

Transponder Equipment Service

  • Fabricate a transponder bench test harness.
  • Transponder theory and operation.
  • Common transponder installation architecture.
  • Transponder, antenna and transmission lead troubleshooting.
  • Mode C encoder troubleshooting.
  • Hands-on bench testing and alignment of transponder.
  • Transponder return to service.
AEA Member $199 | Non-Member $299